After you have your Google My Business (GMB) site claimed, your next step is to do some basic optimization of the listing to show Google that the listing is an active one and it might grant you a page 1 ranking on the Google organic search results.

However, the possibility that Google will add this GMB listing to page 1 of the search results is very remote. There are only 10 entries on page 1 and any keyword may have thousand or millions of competing Web pages. We would advise against doing SEO on this type of listing because there’s really not enough content to effectively drive calls or contacts to you.

On The Plus Side

The marketing Rule Of 7 says that your message must be seen at least 7 times before contact will be made. People simply do not buy from a single contact. If you are publishing new posts and videos for people to see, they have a reason to keep coming back to your GMB listing, and your chances of a contact increase.

What We Add:

  • 10 geo-tagged photos that you provide. Take  photos in your office and 5 photos outside near your office. These photos MUST be taken with a smartphone with LOCATION turned ON. Email those photos directly from the smartphone to If you do not follow these instructions EXACTLY, your photos will not be geo-tagged.

    Geo-tagged photos help Google know exactly where you’re located and may increase the possibility of a page 1 ranking. We will further optimize the images with other information to help Google know more about your business.

  • One optimized article posted per month. The articles are based on your business niche and keyword optimized. All posted articles are linked to the previous article to create those all-important back links.

  • One optimized video posted per month. The videos are based on your business niche and keyword optimized. All posted videos are linked to the previous video to create those all-important back links. The video description contains the URL for your GMB listing and your phone number.

    The videos are eligible for posting on YouTube, but we cannot guarantee at this level of optimization that it will happen.


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